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We at Trademark Media want to know what makes you different. How do you stick out from the crowd? Let us help tell your story, let us help share your unique voice.

Let’s find your Trademark.


Trademark Media LLC was founded by Tucker Marshall in his ambition to fund his ski racing career.

tucker is still racing, however along the way he discovered a passion for helping others tell their stories.

He has learned a lot since picking up a camera nearly a decade ago and continues to search for that perfect b-roll.

Want to know who you’re working with?


We promise to work with you t0 figure out your individual needs and the best way to compliment them.

we promise to create the best content we can so that your brand can excel.


Here is a list of what we can offer. If you don’t see anything that fits your needs, get in touch! We will work to accommodate what best suits your needs.


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