We are a small team who specialize in media with a focus on videography and photography. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Tucker Marshall

President- Lead Filmmaker/Videographer

Tucker first embraced his passion for videography when he launched his video blog in 2010 to document traveling for his ski racing career by filming with an inexpensive “Flip” camera he got for Christmas. Since then his camera bag has grown considerably, however story is king and he has accumulated knowledge in pursuit of telling that story by attending the “school of Youtube” in an attempt to further his craft each and every day. It takes a true passion to actively seek to educate yourself everyday, and we are glad that motivation takes hold in Tucker.

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Ryan Mooney

Associate- Lead Photographer

Ryan and Tucker met in high school and lived together for a short time after that. They both share a passion for photography and videography, both investing in similar camera and editing equipment. Ryan studied at the University of Vermont and is currently traveling with the US Ski Team as a technician.

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